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Bon Bini for Business was an investment summit that encouraged new business partnerships in and around Curaçao. Prime Ministers Eugene Rhuggenaath, Mark Rutte and many entrepreneurs/investors were in attendance. The event hopes to spur innovations that will transform Curaçao into a Smart Nation.
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Given Curacao's transition to renewable energy, it's only fitting that it hosted the 2019 CARILEC Engineering Conference. Present were employees from over 20 utility companies around the world, who also visited Aqualectra's Tera Cora Wind Park. That same June Aqualectra opened Dokweg 2B, a new 39.2 MW Wartsila powerstation.
CTB Spot carnival
Curaçao celebrates Carnival every year during February or early March. It is a national celebration involving parades and street parties where attendees dress in elaborate customes and subvert social norms. The Curaçao Tourism Board (CTB) commissioned a promotional video for Carnival featuring Akisha Albert, the 2018 Miss Curaçao and Miss Universe 2018 top 10 participant. The spot was shot in front of CTB headquarters and hoped to excite locals and tourists for the upcoming festival.
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During the 2018 period, the fate of Curaçao's oil refinery was uncertain. Its Venezuelan operator pdVSA's lease was going to expire in the coming year and the government had not yet closed a deal with a substitute. Despite this turmoil, Curaçao Refinery commissioned a video to remind citizens that better days are ahead, that Curaçao will bounce back from this economic setback.
Klm Aruba Marathon 2019 Aftermovie
The 2nd edition of the KLM Aruba Marathon was held on June 2, 2019. The Marathon was available in 4 distances: 5 km, 10 km, 21.1 km, and 42.2 km. The course started at the Hilton Aruba Caribbean Resort & Casino and had runners crossing famous landmarks such as the California Lighthouse, finishing back at Hilton for a beach party.
On Cloud Curiel
#OnCloudCuriel was the title (and social media hashtag) for Stephanie and Ryan's wedding on January 11, 2019. It was an intimate ceremony with a boho chic/rustic theme that took place at Landhuis Janthiel, a beautiful plantation with a pet sheep called Olivia. The event location also doubled as a bed and breakfast where the bride and her bridesmaids slept over the night before the wedding. Catering was handled by three parties: Helmi Smeulders prepared a unique chicken and waffles brunch, the cake "Le Vie en Rose" was baked by Luigi Chavarria, and drinks were served by Confetti. The bride and groom were surrounded by their families and close friends who celebrated the culmination of their 7-year long romance.
Aqualectra commissioned a promotional video for their Smart Meter project, which they had begun installing for commercial use after running trials the previous year. The smart meter is a huge leap forward in Curaçao's Digital Revolution, allowing customers to check their utility costs and pay for them online. Since the meter's data feed refreshes hourly, Aqualectra technicians can also notice spikes in water and electricity usage, which will go a long way in preventing leaks or illegal tapping.
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